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Caldwell Media's Secret to Dynamic Video Shots from a Helicopter, Tracking Car, Buggy, Bike or Boat

Updated: Jun 19

Tracking Car Automotive Videography
Tracking Car Automotive Videography

Over the years we have developed, tested and refined a custom tracking rig which utilises a three axis vibration isolation arm paired with the DJI Ronin 2 Gimbal to offer advanced stabilisation technology for capturing smooth and dynamic tracking shots in video productions.

The car's unique stabilisation technology provides superior control and stability, ensuring the camera stays level and steady, even on bumpy roads and at high speeds. The DJI Ronin 2 Gimbal further enhances the stabilisation technology by compensating for any sudden movements, vibrations or bumps, allowing the camera to stay level and smooth throughout the shoot.

Tracking Car Automotive Videography
Tracking Car Automotive Videography

In addition, the tracking car comes with an in-car video feed, which allows the camera operator, focus puller, and director to be in the car during the shoot.

This feature enables them to monitor the shot in real-time and make adjustments as necessary to the shot's focus and framing. The camera operator can control the gimbal remotely, while the focus puller can adjust the focus using a wireless follow focus system. The director can monitor the shot and provide immediate feedback, ensuring the final product is in line with their vision.

The Caldwell Media tracking car has been used in a variety of video productions, including global car commercials, branded docs, and social campaigns. The advanced stabilisation technology makes it particularly useful for capturing high-speed action shots, such as car chases or race scenes. The car's smoothness and stability elevate the production value of our work and provide unique shots that would be otherwise difficult to capture. One of the bonuses to having remote monitoring and operation is the this system can be used on a variety of different vehicles including boats, helicopters and even an electric fat trike.

Tracking Car Automotive Videography
Caldwell CinEtrike - Black Arm, Ronin 2, Alexa mini

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